Energy Services

The cost of energy and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is rising.  As conventional fuel costs rise, so does the return on investment from energy efficiency improvements and conversions to alternative energy systems.  At the same time, mainstream adoption and private and public incentive and financing plans are making the solutions that tackle these issues more cost effective.  Cameron Engineering’s Energy Services Group has extensive experience in working with renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and systems and seeks out innovative ways to reduce energy usage and generate energy from cleaner sources.

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Energy Auditing and Benchmarking

Understanding how you stack up against your peers and how you can improve your energy usage is often the first step.  Our team, which includes Certified Energy Managers, will review billing information, perform building energy surveys, make comparisons against national benchmarks and standards, and identify areas for improvement.  Auditing and Benchmarking is also a key step in applying for rebates and incentives using national standards such as EnergyStar and is slowly becoming a requirement in many areas.

Energy Efficiency and Management

Cameron Engineering’s team utilizes their extensive experience and knowledge of building and energy codes and measurement techniques to recommend low-cost energy conservation measures, larger scale capital investments, and long-term energy management systems and strategies where energy savings can be realized both immediately but also enjoyed and improved over time.  Our team will also assist with reviewing utility and government incentive and financing programs to reduce the pay-back periods of these improvements and generate near-term returns on investment.

Renewable Energy and Co-Generation Systems

The team of mechanical and electrical engineers will assist with the design and implementation of energy generation and storage systems that can reduce energy bills and provide a level of energy security and independence.  Renewable and/or conservation energy solutions may include solar photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, geothermal HVAC supplementation, wind turbines, storage, uninterrupted power supply, co-generation, rainwater collection and utilization, grey water reclamation, building automation, and daylighting and passive solar irradiation capture.

  • Energy Audit and Benchmarking
  • Energy Efficiency and Management
  • Energy Master Planning
  • Renewable Energy and Co-generation
  • LEED and EnergyStar Design
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy Modeling
  • Commissioning/Retro-Commissioning
Solar Photovoltaic Panels
Offshore Wind Turbines


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