A Project of the Town of Brookhaven
Project Tasks


Study Tasks

The Project RFP contained the following Tasks:


  • Project Scoping Meeting
  • Preparation and Implementation of Community Outreach Plan
  • Characterize the Waterbody and its Watershed
  • Upland watershed
  • Assessment of natural resources
  • Draft and Final Characterization Report
  • Prioritization of, Storm-sewer-sheds, and Draft and Final Reports
  • Evaluation of the Regulatory and Programmatic Environment
  • Evaluation of governmental roles
  • Analysis of programs and practices affecting the watershed, including those focusing on point and nonpoint source pollution management and watershed ecology
  • Draft and Final Regulatory and Programmatic Environment Reports
  • Final Prioritization of Subwatersheds and Storm-sewer-sheds
  • Establishment of Pollutant Load Limit
  • Identify and Describe Management Strategies for Watershed Protection and Restoration
  • Management strategies for watershed protection
  • Management strategies for watershed restoration
  • Draft and Final Forge River Watershed Management Plan Executive Summary
  • Draft and Final RFP  for a Forge River Nitrogen TMDL

The study tasks are funded by the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Resources with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

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