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Reference Documents
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Army Corps to begin Forge River study


The Final New York State 2008 Section 303(d) List of Impaired Waters Requiring a TMDL/Other Strategy


INITIATIVES Saving the Forge River - From website
(not article)




Grant awarded for Forge River


Tidal tributaries to West Moriches Bay


Suffolk County, Town of Brookhaven Partner on Forge River Parcels




Open Space donated in Forge River - It is a beginning

FR-10 Federal study identifies causes of river pollution

Sewer district would aid revitalization, Plan would reduce pollution of Forge


DRAFT-A Community-Based Vision and Revitalization Plan for Neighborhood Road & Mastic Road, Mastic Beach


Mastic, N.Y., Residents Say Forge River 'Like Cesspool'


L. I. Duck Farms Struggle With Water Regulation


Rescue Call Goes Out for Forge River


Linking the dynamics of nutrient cycling and primary producers to hypoxia in the Forge River, Mastic, NY


WATERSHED PLANS Protecting and Restoring Water Quality

FR-18 Future Land Use Impacts
FR-19 The DRAFT New York State 2010 Section 303(d) List of Impaired Waters Requiring a TMDL/Other Strategy
FR-20 Simulation of the Effects of Development of the Ground-Water Flow System of Long Island, New York
(Excerpt from book)
FR-21 County, state aim to clean up Forge River
FR-22 Moriches Inlet dredging scheduled
FR-23 Water Quality Data and summaries
FR-24 Hydrological Studies
FR-25 Hydrological Studies
FR-26 Water Quality Sampling
FR-27 Bathymetric Mapping in the Forge River
FR-27A Bathymetric Study of Forge River System - GIS data
FR-28 Preliminary Watershed Delineation
FR-29 Map of Stormwater Infrastructure assets (inc. catchbasins and outfalls)
FR-30 Comprehensive Groundwater Management Plan
FR-31 Data Report: benthic flux study measurements
FR-32 Data Report: role of sediments in the tidal Forge in affecting oxygen and nutrient concentrations
FR-33 Data Report: sediment properties
FR-34 Data Report: water column metal concentrations and distributions
FR-35 Data Report: sediment metal concentrations in surficial sediments and sediment core samples
FR-36 Data Report: surficial sediment concentrations of semi-volatile organic compounds in sediments
FR-37 Data Report: sediment core profiles of semi-volatile organic compounds in sediments
FR-38 Interpretive Report: characterization of the ecological problems affecting the Forge River and the importance of this problem to the community at large
FR-39 Interpretive Report: what has been learned about water circulation/hydrography in the Forge River to date
FR-40 Interpretive Report: calculations of freshwater flows into the Forge River from ponds, streams, and groundwater based on measurements
FR-41 Interpretive Report: initial nitrogen balance estimates in Forge River based upon combination of Stony Brook and SC measurements
FR-42 Interpretive Report: sediment quality issues associated with ecological risks and sources of any contaminants identified as being of concern
FR-43 Interpretive Report: historical review of water quality and sediment quality data in the Forge River
FR-44 What History Reveals about Forge River Pollution
FR-45 Some Aspects of Forge River Ecology
FR-46 Aspects of the Physical Oceanography of the Forge River
FR-47 Forge River Feasibility Study Project Management Plan