Solid Waste Management

Omni Recycling

Westbury, NY

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Omni Recycling of Westbury, Inc. “Initial Plant”, Westbury, NY

Design of a privately owned MRF with two processing lines capable of separating 160 tons of material per day. Design includes trommels, an aggregate system, glass sorting by color, automatic ferrous removal, light/heavy separation of plastics and aluminum and separation of plastic resins. The MRF processed more than 30,000 tons per year of aluminum, ferrous, glass and plastic from 1988 through 1991 until it was replaced by a new facility.

Omni Recycling of Westbury, Inc. “Second Plant”, Westbury, NY

Design of a 300 TPD privately owned MRF dedicated to recovery of commingled bottles and cans from municipal curbside and container recycling programs. This facility, the largest capacity MRF (i.e. for container recyclables) in the New York metropolitan area, has served at its peak 3 million people and had processed more than 50,000 tons per year of aluminum, ferrous, glass and plastic. The design includes two processing lines, each with a throughput capacity of more than 15 tons per hour and a high efficiency light/ heavy separator which splits glass from aluminum and plastic. The MRF is constructed with industrial grade equipment capable of reliably processing abrasive materials, such as glass and metal, found in curbside programs.

Omni Recycling of Westbury, Inc. “Second Plant Modifications”, Westbury, NY

Secured a modification which allowed the facility to add a 250 TPD construction and demolition debris processing and yard waste transfer station. Secured a modification to the Part 360 Permit to add a new paper sorting facility to separate, and thereby improve the marketability, of the mixed paper generated by a paper processing facility.

Sanitary District No. 1

Lawrence, NY

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Permitting, design and construction management of a 400 ton per day preprocessing facility to remove recyclables from mixed residential and commercial waste. The facility recovers and markets recyclables in excess of 30% of the incoming wastestream. The system features trommel separation of waste, a light/heavy separator, an enclosed picking station, ferrous removal system and conveyors. Residuals are transferred to a regional resource recovery facility. The facility also features solid waste transfer capability.

East End Resource Recycling Facility

Calverton, NY

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Secured first 6NYCRR Part 360 Permit in New York State for the composting of mixed solid waste. A private client was developing the first mixed waste processing system featuring composting of the organic fraction to be constructed in New York State. The 500 tpd facility was to feature automated preprocessing, indoor automatic composting of organic fraction and best available technology for odor control. Cameron Engineering was engaged to provide a full compliment of engineering services including the review of available technologies (preprocessing, composting and odor control), design of systems, environmental review (SEQRA) including DEIS and FEIS, traffic and odor studies as well as all permitting for solid waste processing and odor control. Cameron Engineering visited state of the art facilities in Europe and worked closely with selected vendors in the design and permitting of the facility. Client received first 6NYCRR Part 360 permit in NY State for the construction and operation of the facility. Odor control featured modular biofilter constructed on special perforated blocks allowing for moisture removal and aeration as well as a humidification chamber containing recycle of treated air prior to discharge through the biofilter

Glen Cove Waste Management

Glen Cove, NY

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Supervision of construction for the installation of cranes, stokers, turbines, boilers and conveyors for a co- disposal/energy recovery plant that burned 225 tons per day of solid waste and 25 tons per day of sludge. Responsible for the facility startup, utility interconnect and facility performance for acceptance. Responsibilities included plant management, engineering, budget, personnel, operating contract, co-generation interconnection, waste acceptance and residue disposal contracts, back-up sludge disposal plans, process control, regulatory interfacing, negotiation of union issues including union contract, staff scheduling, hiring/fi ring, and public relations.

Facilities Development Corporation

Kings Park, NY

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Prepared Full Environmental Assessment Form, Structural Archaeological Assessment Form, Coastal Assessment Form and Consistency Certification for a 2-acre clean-fill landfill. Development of plans and specifications for a 2-acre clean fill landfill, closure plans and drainage, paving and lighting plans for a parking facility to be located on the completed landfill. Secured a 6 NYCRR Part 360 Permit to construct a two acre clean-fill landfill for disposal of construction and demolition debris from on-site rehabilitation projects.

Village of Lawrence Composting Facility

Lawrence, NY

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Cameron Engineering designed and permitted biosolids composting facility to handle all of the WPCP biosolids. Oversight of composting process and permit renewal activities were provided. The Village of Lawrence was forced to consider alternate options for biosolids management and disposal as the local landfill was being closed by the State of New York. The project was designed, permitted and constructed within three (3) months. The facility has been successfully producing Class I compost for over 15 years.

Covanta Essex Company Resource Recovery Facility

Newark, NJ

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The facility has a current New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Solid Waste Processing permit of 985,500 tons per year (TPY). The actual tons processed are typically 900,000 – 920,000 TPY. The request for permit modification is for the ability to accept 100-300 tons per day of waste at the facility with the intent to transfer this waste primarily to other Covanta plants.

The project consisted of developing a new truck scale and tarping station system for refuse transfer. Key components included modular building for pay loader maintenance, viewing platform for visitors, and new roadway truck lane.

Town of Islip Multi Purpose Recycling Facility

Islip, NY

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Design and permitting of a $9 Million, 60,000 square foot Multi-Purpose Recycling Facility including an odor control/air handling system. This facility, the nation’s largest capacity, is a single stream materials recovery facility (MRF), which has the capacity to process 400 Tons of mixed recyclables including newspaper, corrugated, mixed and high grade paper, glass, metal and plastic, per eight-hour shift. When the facility opened in December 1990 it served the Town’s special system of collecting all recyclables in a single truck. The Town changed its collection system and the facility now processes paper separately from containers. The facility continues to operate efficiently more than 13 years after its start-up.

In 2010, Cameron Engineering designed for the Islip Resource Recovery Agency (IRRA) improvements to the MRF to achieve enhanced aluminum recovery. Proposed and designed improvements included the addition of belt magnets for additional ferrous removal, modifications to sorting booths, addition of eddy current magnets, replacement of existing sorting trommels and modifications to the control system.