Security/Video Surveillance/IT

PANYNJ “As-Needed” Capital Security Program:
John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, Newark Liberty and Teterboro Airports, and PATH Train

New York/New Jersey

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Cameron Engineering provided security/video surveillance design engineering services on an “as-needed” basis for the Capital Security Program projects at the Port Authority of NY/NJ operated metropolitan area airports. Engineering services include conceptual design, design development, and final system design and development. Integration and coordination with the Lenel based security management system was required. Design included video surveillance systems, access control systems, perimeter security, fence/gate access control systems, biometric systems, solar power, wireless communication and long distance notification systems for the unmanned gates at each airport.

Security design services were provided for the Hackensack River Bridge and the Journal Square PATH corporate headquarters. Design included providing access control systems via proximity readers and biometric devices. New access control system was lenel based and replaces the existing GE Infographics card access systems. Design for a new head-end access control system and integration with the video surveillance system was provided. An extensive phasing plan was provided to maintain the existing security systems in operation until the new systems were in place.

NYC Department of Sanitation Marine Transfer Stations

New York, NY

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Cameron Engineering performed the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (M/E/P/F) services for the 91st Street Marine Transfer Station including the HVAC ductwork system, electrical distribution systems, plumbing and fire alarm/fire protection systems.

The engineering design services included security card access system and video surveillance system for nine (9) Marine Transfer Stations. The security card access system will include card reader or proximity card reader access at the entrance to the administrative offices, the control room, main utility rooms and equipment room of each Transfer Station. The security systems will include a perimeter video surveillance system including pole mounted cameras to monitor and record video.

The video surveillance system for each Transfer Station is proposed to include a 16 to 32 camera security system, utilizing digital recording with hard drive storage and operating over an IP network including Cat 5 cable. Each system will include a single digital recorder and record 24 hours/7 days a week at a frame rate of approximately 15 frames per second. The video surveillance systems will be utilized to primarily monitor overall operations at each Transfer Station.

The video surveillance system camera coverage for each station would include exterior coverage at the Pier level, parking lot, truck entrance, main entrance and the bridge. Interior video surveillance camera coverage would include the Tipping Level, Loading Level, Lidding Area, and entrances to the utility rooms and administrative areas.

Homeland Security Center – Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT)

Bethpage, NY

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The facility focused on the convergence of technology on the Homeland Security market including the Long Island Emergency Operations Center with a 2,000 sf Command Center. The intention was to provide new base building services for the former home of the Lunar Module, Grumman Building #5 home of the Lunar Module (totaling 87,900 sf), and the interior including computer rooms, Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) rooms (isolated communications room constructed to facilitate covert discussions), central command center with wall-to-wall large video displays, operator control work stations, lecture hall with multiple video displays, circulation space, egress, emergency generator, UPS and complete security system.

Cameron Engineering provided complete design and construction phase observation services including code compliance review and safety assessments for this nationally recognized Center of Innovation and Excellence for applied science. The facility included: a new Emergency Management Crisis Contact Command Center, a main computer and communications facility (backbone infrastructure) consisting of satellite (C-band, VSAT) all band terrestrial (for first responders) dedicated cell network, various fiber and Wi-Fi connections to fixed and mobile platforms to enable “real time” data transmission, modeling and simulation lab and digital theatre with touch table and other elements for use as an ultra-high tech command center, an auditorium for user conferences with broadband capabilities to link with other enabling organizations as part of the Virtual Center, secured conference area and network elements for handling classified data integration and display, anchor tenant area – Northrop Grumman Corporation, coordination with major, nationally recognized firms and vendors in the areas of simulation, real-time data, transmission and information technology to accommodate the MEP needs of the Homeland Security Center. PMC (Power Management Concepts) and Balfour Simulation are tenants in the facility. The Homeland Security Facility Partners include LIPA (Long Island Power Authority), Nation Grid and the Stony Brook Center for Advanced Technologies in diagnostic tools and sensor systems (SENSOR CAT).

Renovations and Improvements for the New Nassau Coliseum

Uniondale, NY

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Developer Bruce Ratner won the approval to provide the Nassau Coliseum with a head-to-toe makeover. The utilitarian and increasingly outdated 41-year-old Coliseum, in Uniondale, N.Y, will have a sinuous steel latticework shell; an indoor arena downsized to a more snug 13,000 seats, from 18,000; and new concourses and restrooms. An amphitheater that can be converted into an ice rink is planned, as are a movie house, a bowling alley and restaurants. Cameron Engineering is designing the M/E/P/FP systems associated with the renovation of existing space and the build-out of designated areas.

NC Public Safety Center

New Cassel, NY

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The Security/Video Surveillance system included access control and video surveillance. The Video Surveillance System at the Nassau County Public Safety Center included coverage of the exterior perimeter of the building including entrance doors, sally port, base building, loading docks and parking lots. Interior coverage would include critical areas such as the holding area, hazardous material storage, secure evidence areas, 911 and Fire Com communications room, lab spaces and specific designated areas. General interior coverage included base building lobbies, corridors, stairwells, elevator vestibules, mechanical and electrical rooms, critical utility/data communication room entrances and telecommunications rooms. The system includes approximately 100 video surveillance cameras.

The Access Control System included a complete card access system utilizing proximity card readers.

The site security coverage included pole mounted video surveillance cameras to provide monitoring and recording capability of the parking lot areas. The guard booths are provided with an EZ Pass-type access system which grants access to the site via a proximity card reader.

Morris County Correctional Facility

Morris County, NJ

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Cameron Engineering conducted coordination meetings with the County of Morris to discuss the scope of the Project which includes planning, design, and monitoring the installation/ construction phase of the project.

We provided an intensive field survey of the existing conditions to determine the most appropriate security technology upgrades and revisions required to accommodate the County. We reviewed the existing touch screen control system, graphic panels, intercom system, video surveillance video surveillance system, access control, PLC Network, Intercounty Service Network integration, and guard tour system. We also reviewed the deficiencies of each system including problems associated with the wiring interconnections, hardware, software, data storage practices, security system management, sub-systems integration.

This project received the 2010 ACEC New York Silver Award for Engineering Excellence.