Bay Walk Park

Port Washington North, NY

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Cameron Engineering has provided comprehensive multidisciplinary engineering (civil, site, transportation, structural and electrical) and planning services to the Village of Port Washington North for the 1800 linear feet shoreline Bay Walk Park from the initial Master Plan Phase (2006) through the design and construction of Phase 1 (2010) and the current design of Phase 2 (2014-2015).

Engineering scope for Phase 1 included shoreline stabilization and tidal wetlands re-vegetation, pier rehabilitation, utility infrastructure services for the water supply, electrical, multi-use walkway/trail (i.e.; bicycling, rollerblading, walking, etc.), streetscape treatment providing protective timer steel-enforced guiderail, site lighting, interpretive signage, and artwork and nature planting design.

Regulatory approvals for Phase 1 included NYSDEC, USACOE, NCDPW, NCDH, and the Village of Port Washington North.

Phase 2 engineering scope, projected to be completed in 2015, includes a kayak launch, parking/drop-off area, multi-purpose shoreline plaza area with shade sails and naturalized play area.

This project received the 2011 ACEC New York Silver Award for Engineering Excellence.

Bay Walk Park (Phase 2)

Port Washington North, NY

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Cameron Engineering is providing comprehensive engineering design services to the Village of Port Washington North for the intersection at 40 Shore Road to create a new driving path and walkway to Bay Walk Park, a process our office progressed from the initial Master Plan Phase and initial Phase 1 construction and design.

“Phase 1” design and permitting had included shoreline stabilization and tidal wetlands re-vegetation, pier rehabilitation, utility infrastructure services for the water supply, electrical, multi-use walkway/trail (bicycling, rollerblading, walking), streetscape treatment with protective timer steel-enforced guiderail, site lighting, interpretive signage, and artwork and nature planting design.

The “Phase 2” engineering scope will be completed in 2015 and includes site plans for a kayak launch and associated facilities, intersection modification plans (including grading and drainage, utilities, alignment, and removal plans), traffic signal modification plans, a new parking lot and drop-off area sized according to vehicles hauling kayak trailers, and a multi-purpose shoreline plaza with shade sails and a naturalized play area.

A key project component was to provide Complete Streets features for access and safety such as ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps and hand/man signals with countdown timers.

Mill Pond Water Quality Improvements

Port Washington North, NY

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Mill Pond Park has historically been used for model boating, walking, nature appreciation, ice-skating and ice hockey. However, the waste products from large populations of waterfowl have fouled the pond and the perimeter upland areas. Water quality and aquatic habitat have been impaired by stormwater-borne nutrients and pathogens. The pond has become shallow from years of stormwater sediment deposition. Sediments were sampled and found contaminated by typical stormwater constituents.

Cameron Engineering designed water quality improvements that included the installation of an end-of-pipe stormwater treatment unit, retrofits to catch basins adjacent to the pond, and modification to a stormwater inlet to capture suspended solids. The spillway was modified to increase tidal flow and stormwater detention and make possible the reintroduction of tidal wetlands. The design incorporated waterfowl controls, invasive plant removal, and replacement of the stone wall around the pond perimeter. Additional improvements included upland landscaping, installation of park amenities and informational signage. The Town received a 2004 Environmental Protection Fund grant and a 2006 Long Island Sound Restoration Act Grant based on the engineering design to restore ecological function of the pond and improve the quality of water discharged to Manhasset Bay.

This project received the 2011 ACEC New York Platinum Award for Engineering Excellence.

Roslyn Pond Park

Roslyn, NY

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Roslyn Pond Park is a system of three freshwater ponds in the historic Village of Roslyn. Nutrients, pathogens, and sediment deposition from stormwater runoff have impaired water quality and aquatic habitat in the ponds and receiving waters of Hempstead Harbor. Restoration plans were prepared to restore ecological function to the ponds and improve the quality of water discharged to the Harbor. A steering committee of municipal, regulatory, and community representatives discussed the three conceptual designs prepared by Cameron Engineering. Final designs and specifications included capture of stormwater sediments in underground swirl separators, pond deepening and regrading, upland waterfowl exclusion plantings, redirection of stream flow, restoration of stream banks with degradable geotextiles and plantings, and construction of a stormwater treatment wetland to capture stormwater contaminants prior to discharge to Roslyn Pond. The Town received an Environmental Protection Fund and other grants for construction.

Long Beach Veterans Memorial Waterfront Park

Long Beach, NY

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A Master Plan and design for the development of a vacant waterfront parcel including shoreline stabilization, boardwalk/promenade, children’s playground, jogging and fitness course, basketball courts, roller hockey court, boat launching ramp and park building including all site utilities was performed. We secured Federal, State and Local Permits and Consistency Certification for shoreline stabilization and site development including 1,600 linear feet of bulkhead. Cameron Engineering worked very closely with the regulatory agencies to incorporate adequate on-site recharge and mitigation measures including additional boating and fishing access, a boat pump-out station and adequate fish-cleaning areas. Variances required included structures within 75 feet of mean high water and impervious surfaces covering more than 20 percent of the project site. We also secured Permit Modifications during construction to accommodate field conditions. Full-time construction administration and inspection services were also provided.

Video surveillance system design included video surveillance camera coverage for the park including coverage of the park grounds encompassing the parking lots, playing fields, pathways, etc. Camera types included stationary and pan-tilt-zoom lighting pole mounted and building mounted cameras. Recording was accomplished via a multiplexer recorder. Site lighting analysis, site lighting design, photometric review was performed.

This park was named as 1997 Project of the Year by the Nassau Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers.

Oak Beach Park

Babylon, NY

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Oak Beach Park is an 8.2-acre waterfront parcel on the Fire Island Inlet to the ocean. The former Oak Beach Inn was purchased by Suffolk County for active parkland. A new Master Plan was prepared by Cameron Engineering for the Town of Babylon, which developed and is managing the new park. Cameron Engineering conducted a detailed analysis of the site’s environmental, physical and structural features and investigated the legal requirements associated with potential uses. Cameron Engineering helped lead a public participation design process where area stakeholders (citizens, environmental and recreational organizations) developed a vision for the park. Conceptual plans were prepared by Cameron Engineering which reflected different use scenarios. Input on the Conceptual Plans from area stakeholders and the Town’s Project Task force provided the basis for Cameron Engineering to develop a Final Master Plan which was adopted by the Suffolk County Parks Trustees and the Town Board.

Carpenter’s Pond Restoration

New Rochelle, NY

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The restoration of Carpenters Pond included measures to improve water quality, expand aquatic habitat, and preserve the aesthetic appeal of this community pond. The pond had experienced substantial input of stormwater-borne sediments over the course of many decades. Pond depths had shallowed, stormwater runoff contaminants had accumulated, and water quality and habitat had degraded. Pond bathymetry and area topography was mapped and sediments sampled and analyzed. The Carpenters Pond drainage area was calculated and flows estimated for various storm events. Cameron Engineering designed a forebay of articulated concrete block with a concrete spillway that would overflow into the pond. A ‘GrassPave’ drive was included in the design to allow an excavator and truck direct access to the forebay for annual maintenance. The drive also served as a new pedestrian walk along the pond edge. Dredging was specified to improve pond depths and remove organic rich materials that could contribute to pond eutrophication. Dewatering and maintenance of stormwater flows during construction were accommodated in the design. Some of the dredged material was reused on site to lower disposal costs. The pond edges were regraded to create aquatic ‘benches’ to support the growth of aquatic vegetation and the invasive common reed (Phragmites) removed. Designs were also included for the replacement of the emergency drain valve and valve stem.

Oyster Bay Western Waterfront

Oyster Bay, NY

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Cameron Engineering developed a Master Plan for the hamlet of Oyster Bay’s western waterfront. The site consisted of three Town-owned parcels and one State-owned parcel totaling approximately 16 acres on Oyster Bay Harbor. Cameron worked with a Steering Committee comprising of a dozen agencies, local business and civic groups and conducted a public outreach campaign to gather ideas for uses of the site. The Master Plan included a Community/Environmental Education Center, a maritime history museum, ship restoration workshop, government offices, wetland restoration and creation for stormwater treatment, baymen’s access, public pier, path system, beach, and boat launch. Cameron prepared the Generic Environmental Impact Statement for the Master Plan and assisted the Town and the State in obtaining over $4.6 million in grant funding. Cameron participated in the development of the NYSDEC’s Custodial Management Plan for the future operation of their portion of the site. Cameron performed design services and provided construction oversight for multiple phases of the project.