Northrop/ Grumman

Bethpage, New York

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Cameron performed Master Planning and SEQRA services for Nassau County to develop a preferred land use plan for the 105-acre property in Bethpage. The site was owned by the US Navy and was historically part of the 600-acre Grumman campus (now Northrop/ Grumman) that manufactured aircraft and related products for the federal government. The site was operated and maintained by Grumman for over 50 years and is industrially zoned. Cameron Engineering analyzed existing conditions including topography, soils, groundwater, flora and fauna, buildings, site access, parking and traffic, public transportation, utilities, aesthetic resources, cultural resources, surrounding land use and zoning, environmental issues, emergency services and legal issues. A market study was prepared by a subconsultant to determine the viability of various types of uses for the site. Cameron Engineering prepared an EIS Supplement for transfer of the 105-Acre former Navy site from the federal government to Nassau County and for sale of the property by Nassau County to a private developer.

Canon Headquarters

Melville, NY

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Cameron Engineering prepared a Draft and Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Supplement to the Melville-Route 110 Area Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) and Findings Statement adopted by the Huntington Board in 1989 and the Town of Huntington Comprehensive Plan Update adopted April 21, 1993. The Canon U.S.A. Headquarters is a new 900,000 square foot office building with two parking garages in a 52-acre site. Areas analyzed included geology, contaminated soils, topography including steep slopes, groundwater and sewage disposal, stormwater, land use and zoning, ecological resources, traffic and parking, visual quality, noise, cultural resources, community services, utilities, economic impacts and construction impacts. Project alternatives were analyzed.

Cameron was responsible for preparation of many of the study subject areas, and coordination of all of the consultants work into the Draft and Final SEQR documents. Cameron also represented the client at Public Hearings and was the liaison with the Town of Huntington for SEQR issues. The visual analysis prepared by the firm utilized 3D modeling software and GIS based tools to create photo simulations from various viewpoints.

Mall at Oyster Bay

Syosset, New York

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Cameron Engineering developed the Full Environmental Assessment Form, Scoping Document, and EIS for an 860,000 square foot upscale shopping center on an abandoned industrial site. As the client’s local representative, we assisted the project team in all aspects of the regulatory review and approval process. Alternate site plans were prepared in support of the EIS, including a “50% development” alternative and an “industrial park” alternative. SEQRA analysis was also prepared for a revision in size to 760,000 square feet.

The necessary plans and supporting documents were prepared for the Town Site Plan Approval process. Cameron Engineering performed the entire scope of civil engineering work associated with the proposed 860,000 sf (and again for a revised 760,000 sf) shopping center in Syosset. Major tasks included: Traffic Impact Study (traffic counts, accident analysis, area-wide trip distribution, parking study); Site Plans (demolition, retaining walls, grading and drainage, erosion and sediment control, parking lot layout, landscaping, signage); Off-site Plans (road improvements, alignment, traffic signal and interconnect – including LIRR pre-emption and coordination, pavement marking and signing, lighting); Contract and Bid Responsibilities; and Environmental Review/SEQRA. This involved the design of approximately 4,300 feet of roads; the design and layout of 3,000 on-site parking spaces to optimize parking numbers as well as internal traffic circulation; the design of several traffic signals and their interconnection (along with pre-emption for the adjacent Long Island Rail Road crossing); site alignment, parking garage entry/exit driveways, grading, drainage, site lighting, landscaping, and site utility service connections; details and notes; design of sanitary sewers, a stormwater collection system, and site water mains for potable and fire service connections; coordination with the appropriate public utility companies for the furnishing of electric and gas utilities.

Declaration as Surplus and Subsequent Sale of 250 Acres of County-Owned Land in Yaphank for Mixed-Use Development Purposes

Yaphank, NY

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Cameron Engineering prepared Draft and Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) to determine the potential environmental impacts of a declaration as surplus and subsequent sale of 250 acres of county-owned land in Yaphank for mixed-use redevelopment. Development included over 1,000 units of housing (a mix of market rate and affordable units), sports and wellness facilities, office use, restaurants, retail, a 5,500 seat arena, a 5,000 seat outdoor stadium, a daycare center, recreational fields, a fishing lake, a clean energy plant, a 4 MW solar farm, 1.2 million square feet of industrial uses and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant to serve these uses. The project consisted of six distinct areas. The DGEIS analysis addressed each area individually, as well as the project as a whole, to enable the county to dispose of the property by area, or in total. Three alternative developments of the site were also analyzed: a No-Action Alternative where the site would be retained by Suffolk County with development of 2,000,000 square feet of new municipal and institutional uses; an As-of-Right build-out of approximately 2,500,000 square feet of office on 41 lots and 50 single-family homes on one acre lots; and a No Development Alternative where the site would be preserved as open space. Environmental analyses included geology, soils, and topography; subsurface environmental conditions; water resources and stormwater management; terrestrial and aquatic ecology; agricultural resources; land use, zoning and community character; public policy; transportation; air quality; noise; utilities, community facilities, and services; demography and economic impacts; and cultural resources. Tasks included scoping, preparation of draft and final GEISs, preparation of findings, and coordination with county and municipal agencies.


St. James, NY

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Prepared multiple Master Plan Concepts for redevelopment of a 326-acre parcel spanning two Towns. One concept was prepared under the Planned Development District zoning and incorporated housing, industrial, retail and recreational elements. Another concept included the development of a golf course community and championship 18 hole golf course, while maintaining existing industrial and commercial uses. Following condemnation of 246 acres by New York State, prepared a concept plan for redevelopment of the remaining acreage. The environmental impacts of each Master Plan concept were analyzed. Provided oversight of soil testing and soil management plan for metals associated with prior farming activities.

Assisted Gyrodyne in opposing condemnation both during the condemnation process as well as throughout the subsequent lawsuit. Critiqued the Environmental Impact Statement and Phase I and Phase II Reports prepared by New York State for the condemnation. Provided litigation support services related to various build-out scenarios to establish the highest and best use. Prepared demolition estimates and asbestos removal estimates for existing buildings for use in property valuation.

Glen Isle Mixed Use Waterfront Development Project

Glen Cove, NY

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Garvies Point is the name of a $2 billion multi-phased, mixed-use waterfront redevelopment project that will eventually have a 250-suite luxury hotel, a 50,000 square foot office building, 25,000 square feet of space for retail, cultural space, restaurants, 860 dwellings in a variety of mid-rise condominium, rental, and townhouse buildings (including 86 workforce housing units), and extensive open space and public relation amenities across approximately 56 acres of land on the north shore of Glen Cove Creek.

Cameron Engineering has assisted the City of Glen Cove in reviewing and commenting on multiple versions of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and Final EIS, and helped draft the Findings Statement on behalf of the City Planning Board. Our SEQRA review scope included traffic, parking, air quality, noise, stormwater, and drainage.

As of 2013, the SEQRA phase is complete and Cameron Engineering is reviewing the site plans for the first planned phase of this project, which includes some of the residential units, some of the planned retail, and all of the planned recreational space (parks, marina slips). Our site plan review scope includes civil engineering (drainage, stormwater storage capacity, conveyance to underground storage chambers), stormwater treatment (required prior to stormwater outfall into Glen Cove Creek), construction feasibility, traffic engineering (parking yield, ADA compliance, and circulation), wastewater (review of a pump station report and recommendations for infrastructure replacement/repair), utilities, overall coordination with NYSDOT plans for the adjacent Garvies Point Road project with road widening and utility improvements, and general legibility/AutoCAD standards.