Power Plants

Ravenswood Cogeneration Power Plant

Queens, NY

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The Ravenswood Cogeneration Power Plant expansion project involved construction of a new 45,000 square foot, 240 foot tall, cogeneration power plant at the existing KeySpan power plant in Long Island City, New York. The additional plant houses a 250 MW combined cycle generating plant to augment the existing 2,160 MW plant. A three (3) story, 9,000 square foot administration building is provided to house the control rooms, administration and support staff. A 5,000 square foot maintenance building is provided with a shop area, locker rooms, toilet facilities and kitchen facilities for plant operating personnel.

NYSOGS – Manhattan Psychiatric Center Power Plant

New York, NY

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The Office of Mental Health requested construction of a low pressure (steam) power plant to serve the future long term campus at Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Cameron Engineering provided electrical design assistance for preparing the program report narrative. Scope included gathering field data on the electric service to the campus on the two generators serving Dunlap Building No. 102 and the electric requirements for the new power plant, investigate a location for tie-in of the new power plant to the facility electric utility service connection, investigate the possibility of connecting the existing Dunlap Building generators to serve the new power plant also, and prepare a written narrative for the electric work in the program report.

Riverhead Resorts

Calverton, NY

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Riverhead Resorts, LLC was selected by the Town of Riverhead to purchase and develop approximately 755 acres at Enterprise Park at Calverton (EPCAL). Riverhead Resorts is a four season, weatherproof resort destination. The resort would include an Indoor Ski Mountain Resort, an Indoor Waterpark Resort, an Indoor/Outdoor Sports Resort, a Heritage Village Resort, a Wilderness Whitewater River Resort, a Rejuvenation Resort and an Equestrian Resort. A high efficiency Cogeneration Power Plant was slated to provide electrical power, heating and cooling for the entire complex.

SC Power Plant

Suffolk County, NY

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