Boilers & Chillers

The Seawane Club

Hewlett Harbor, NY

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The Seawane Club, located on Club Drive in Hewlett Harbor, NY was constructed in 1961. The building was originally equipped with five hot water I chilled water air handlers to supply Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service to the building. The five air handlers (four of which are multi-zone type units) were connected to a boiler for heating and water cooled chillers for air conditioning. The multi-zone damper arrangements allow the air handlers to serve multiple areas. Over the years, the facility has been renovated and expanded a number of times.

Cameron Engineering & Associates, LLP (Cameron Engineering) completed an investigation of the HVAC systems at the Club. The intent of this work was to examine the condition of the existing HVAC systems and to make recommendations for maintenance, modifications, or replacements to improve the performance and reliability of the HVAC systems at the facility.

The Club wanted to fully recognize the condition, efficiency and operation of the mechanical equipment and be able to adequately control its heating and cooling environment. Some areas were inappropriately heated or cooled, while inadequate ventilation and the lack of introduction of outdoor air was evident. The Club understood that HVAC mechanical equipment should be evaluated, and replaced due to age, efficiency and sizing, while appropriately providing heating, cooling and adequate outdoor air ventilation to satisfy Club operations.

As part of our task to improve efficiency, Cameron Engineering prepared preliminary HVAC load calculations, utilizing the square foot method, to generally determine the heating/cooling load requirements for each major block of space, served by existing equipment. We determine existing conditions by preparing sketch plans indicating equipment locations and areas of service for air handing equipment and ductwork. Diagrams were prepared for piping connections between equipment items and ductwork was analyzed for distribution and to provide recommendations for air circulation improvements.

Ravenswood Cogeneration Power Plant

Queens, NY

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The Ravenswood Cogeneration Power Plant expansion project involved construction of a new 45,000 square foot, 240 foot tall, cogeneration power plant at the existing KeySpan power plant in Long Island City, New York. The additional plant houses a 250 MW combined cycle generating plant to augment the existing 2,160 MW plant. A three (3) story, 9,000 square foot administration building is provided to house the control rooms, administration and support staff. A 5,000 square foot maintenance building is provided with a shop area, locker rooms, toilet facilities and kitchen facilities for plant operating personnel.

Northrop Grumman – Building 15

Bethpage, NY

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Initially, Northrop-Grumman requested an engineering study to replace three (3) gas/oil fired boilers in Building 15 at their Bethpage, NY campus; total boiler horsepower was 180.

The boilers were located in two separate rooms of a single story 128,000 SF building connected together by a system of confusing and abandoned piping. One boiler in each room had to be in operation to insure that all parts of the building were supplied with hot water, even at low load periods when only one boiler would be sufficient. Because there were little to no “as-built” drawings available most or all information on the boilers and accessories had to be obtained in field surveys. Additionally, the work had to be completed in phases to accommodate the tenants. The study also covered recommendations and the costs to implement the improvements.

Cameron Engineering provided design engineering services that replaced the three boilers with three natural gas fired units. Two boilers were located in one room and the third located in the other. A pumped common pipe loop connects all three boilers together allowing any or all boilers to supply any area of the building with the required hot water for heating. Operational efficiency was increased resulting in an overall fuel savings.

Long Beach City Hall

Long Beach, NY

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The City of Long Beach Municipal Building was constructed in 1964. The building is a six story, 120,000 sf and contains all of the City of Long Beach municipal offices, courtrooms, firehouse and police station. The design included a new central chilled water and boiler plant.

The boiler plant consisted of two low pressure steam boilers for heating and domestic hot water production rated a 3,450 MBH. The chiller plant is comprised of a 252 ton Centrifugal Chiller with variable frequency drive (VFD), a 30 HP condenser water pump, 30 HP chilled water pump and 250 ton cooling tower on the roof with one 20-HP (VFD) fan.

Elwood Union Free School District

Greenlawn, NY

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This project involved mechanical and electrical engineering services for a $28 million bond issue for improvements and upgrades to five school buildings including addition of a new 16,000 square foot, 750 seat auditorium and connecting link. Work includes surveillance systems, intercom systems, master clock system, renovation of science labs, elimination of three remote boiler rooms and recombination into one central plant boiler room. District wide Security/CCTV engineering design for the Elwood High School, Middle School, Harley Avenue School and Boyd School. Security design included CCTV systems utilizing digital recording for each school. Video surveillance coverage included entrances to all of the buildings. Video was recorded and monitored at five frames per second.

Cameron Engineering also provided a Master Plan, site engineering and landscape architectural services for comprehensive redevelopment of Middle School/High School campus including roadways, parking areas, bus loading areas, walkways, courtyard areas, athletic fields, irrigation, site lighting and landscaping.