Why Sewers for Rocky Point?

Seventy percent of the County’s 1.5 million residents rely on on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems that usually include cesspools, septic tanks, and leaching fields. These systems work when sufficient land is available for treatment. Reliance on them becomes problematic when communities like Rocky Point consider revitalizing their business districts.


Thriving downtown business districts can


Create an identity and a destination for residents

 box Offer neighborhood shopping and entertainment opportunities

 box Help stabilize the tax base and serve as an economic engine for the community

 box Create new housing options for young workers, empty-nesters, and the retired.


Feasibility Study Tasks


The study includes nine tasks.

Completed tasks will be posted in Project Information and announced to those that Stay Connected.

Task 1 - Review of Background Information
Task 2 - Existing Conditions
Task 3 - Potential Build-out Scenarios
Task 4 - Sample Analysis - Downtown
Task 5 - Collection System Options
Task 6 - Treatment Options
Task 7 - Environmental Issues - SEQRA
Task 8 - District Formation Requirements
Task 9 - Cost Benefit Analysis



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